I gave my first talk when I was 13 and that was on Benefits of waking up early, to a crowd of 150 school students. I was a regular speaker at University events. By the time I was 23, I had given more than 20 talks. By 25, I had been invited to speak in 4 countries and today I have given 3 TEDx talks and have been an executive board member of Amsterdam Toastmasters International.

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Topics I Speak On

I believe our entire life can be categorised into 3 categories. Everything important falls into this. All the other activities in our lives which do not fall into these 3 categories are useless. Download my list of topics from the Meeting Planners section for detailed topics.


I do not speak on this currently as I am not qualified enough, but keep an eye, I would be speaking on Health topics soon.


– Marketing

– Entrepreneurship

– Startups


– Relationship with yourself

– Relationship with your friends

– Relationships in life

Glimpses Of My Talks

My two recent TEDx talks which I gave in United Kingdom and Romania

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