Pratik gave his first talk when he was 13 and that was on benefits of waking up early, to a crowd of 100 school students. He was a regular speaker at University events. By the time he was 23, he had given more than 15 talks. 

By 25, he had been invited to speak in 4 countries, given 3 TEDx talks and had been an executive board member of Amsterdam Toastmasters International.

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Topics Pratik Speaks On

Pratik believe our entire life can be categorised into 3 categories. Everything important falls into this. All the other activities in our lives which do not fall into these 3 categories are useless. 


Download his list of over 20 topics from the Event Organiser section below for detailed takeaways.


– Mental health

– Physical health


– Marketing

– Entrepreneurship


– Relationship with yourself

– Relationship with people

Glimpses Of Pratik's Talks

His two recent TEDx talks which he gave in United Kingdom and Romania

Words From Event Organisers

We love to delight our audience and the event organisers

"Pratik is a great speaker, very knowledgeable and the audience loved him. He delivered an engaging talk and presented in perfect English. It was easy to work with him throughout the process of organizing the TEDx event. Overall, I would recommend him as a speaker for any event."
Peter W. Szabo
TEDx Curator

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