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When I’m not consulting, I’m mostly speaking. I’m thrilled to help people introspect their lives and business, and help make a long lasting change in their lives for the better.

With every seminar, I make sure people walk out of the room with ideas that are practical and steps that are actionable.



Pratik’s Keynote topics include:


  • The technical marketer: Why being creative is not enough today
  • Kickstarter: How we make over $100K in 2 hours of launching our product on kickstarter
  • App marketing: The optimal way to market apps online
  • Funnel design: How to design the most optimal funnel for your product


  • Failure: Why do I choose to fail in something every 6 months rather than just succeed
    • How did failing in almost everything bring me so much success in life. This session is for all those who will be or are facing tough times, and it shows them how to navigate through those times to emerge as a winner.
    • This dynamic session combines humor and thought provoking messages to inspire people to face life head on rather than living in a matrix of autopilot
    • Participants will learn: The confidence to believe and grow in their skills; Emotion Management


  • Grit: The one true superpower of humans and how it will shape your life
    • From over 70+ job application rejections to getting offers from Airbus and Bayer to starting my own company in Amsterdam. How did I do it and how can you do it?
    • This session combines scientific research and practical techniques to enable people to not give up
    • Participants will learn: The tools to focus on their goals; Successful problem solving


  • Purpose: Finding it, living it and spreading it
    • Why did I change 3 careers, travel 20+ countries and work in so many different cultures in the world? To discover what really mattered to me. I’ll show you how to get to your calling.
    • This session takes participants in a deep dive into their childhood and includes a ‘death meditation’
    • Participants will learn: Techniques to discover their innate purpose in life; Framework to bridge passion and purpose


  • A 10/10 life: Achieving the dream life with a successful career, family, health, impact on society and adventurous social life.
    • Some few people seem to have it all. Success in career, family, social life, health, impact on society and success in all other dimensions of life. How did they do this and how can you start doing it from today.
    • This session combines
    • Participants will learn: Life analysis framework and vision setting


  • Sacrifice: What and how to utilize the 24 hours we all get in life
  • Prioritisation in life: Surrounded by technology and entertainment distraction all around us, how does one prioritise and life a meaningful life towards his purpose
  • Networking: For more than a decade, I’ve built a wide and highly effective network. How it has literally shaped my life and how your network will help you reach your goals

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