Hi, I'm Pratik

I bring short term and long term results.

Quick wins and Sustainable growth.

"I would hire Pratik for any project, anytime"

“Pratik was a top ranker in his University, thereafter a top performer in his work too at Airbus and I can now confidently say he was a top performer at Infento where significant impact was made with his contribution to the company. I would confidently hire Pratik, anytime for any project.”

Rogier Groen

Co- Founder Infento; Leading angel investor in NL

From Sloppy Marketing to Systematic Growth

I help transform your current marketing efforts into organised growth engines, which are in your control

Case Study: Font Neuve

From Zero Sales to Fully Booked

In 2020, during COVID-19, the entire hospitality industry saw its worst phase. Font Neuve, too saw no bookings. In 3 months, we built the entire online ecosystem and helped take Font Neuve to being fully booked



increase in visits


decrease in CAC


increase in leads

“Pratik saved our season.

I thank him very much for all his help during our last season helping to get our holiday houses fully booked after all the annulations because of covid.  It has been a pleasure working with him”

Wilbert Elferink

Founder, Font Neuve

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I’ve partnered with several other companies to bring quick wins and long term sustainable growth to them in both B2C and B2B. 

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163% increase in revenue in a single quarter

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11000+ App Downloads in a single marketing campaign

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Scaled from 0 to 8 digit euro online revenue in a year

About Pratik

Hi, I’m Pratik. I’m a growth consultant, TEDx speaker and transformation coach based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

I’ve helped startups go from 0 to 7 figures in revenue and raised an $848K crowdfunded project. 

I started my career as an engineer, built a startup from my room to realise my love for building companies. Thereafter worked with Airbus, Bayer and then with an angel investor in Amsterdam where we built some kickass startups, basically something from nothing. 

Along this ride, I started coaching graduates from universities, thereby realizing my love for helping build people’s careers and life. One of the best things I found and do with my life.

It’s now a mission of mine to help build companies and individuals, enabling their growth to become truly successful.

“Pratik added great value. Due to his thoroughness and hard work we were able to execute the correct measures

His communication is clear and consistent, besides he always had the patience to explain and help me understanding what he was doing. It’s a pleasure working with him.

Jet Oesterreicher

Founder, PCP

How can we work together?

I work with only 3 clients simultaneously to be able to deliver utmost quality.

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