Decoding your most pressing growth bottlenecks in 60 minutes

Whether you are struggling to find your PMF, GTM strategy or setting up paid campaigns, we can transform your growth with one-to-one mentoring.

“Pratik was our driving force.

He listened to our unique needs, ensuring we could get the ideal solution. Plus, he followed up with us regularly, keeping the lines of communication open and providing answers to any question that may arise.

Emmanuel Odi

Founder, CSM (Seedstars - United Nations Accelerator)

Do you remember the story of the thirsty crow?

Do you remember the story of the thirsty crow?

Yes, the same one who quenched his thirst by thinking creatively when most others died of thirst? Do you know why everyone talks of only that ‘one thirsty crow’ while the other crows are forgotten?

It’s because this one stood out.

And if you too want your startup to stand out and be remembered, you need to be bold and think out of the pot!

– There are products and there are products that customers love
– There are founders and there are founders that employees look up to
– There is everyone else and there’s a unique, one and only – YOU.

If you are looking for a sparring partner who will help you find out what the actual problem is, I’m your guy. I’m keen on sharing my success and failure stories.

Reach out with challenges related to Growth, Productivity, Vision, Team Management, Product Positioning and others.

Though… I’m sorry but

I don’t work with people involved in companies which cause harm to humanity (e.g. Tobacco/oil)

“Pratik is extremely knowledgable on SaaS

He’s helped us greatly to wrap our heads around our strategy for the near future. On top of being an expert in his field he is also a very nice as a person, always supportive and encouraging which makes it easy to accept both his advice and critique.

Katya Rozenoer

Founder, DelivApp (Techstars)

Mentoring founders globally

With leading Accelerators

I mentor founders across the globe independently and within some of the leading accelerators in the world, such as Techstars


Techstars Boston, Newchip Accelerator


Techstars Berlin


Seedstars and United Nations; FasterCapital Dubai


StartupIndia, NItiAyog – Mentor of Change

What Some of The Leaders from Across the Globe Have Said About Pratik

Guaranteed Results

Make sure you have a clear picture of what you would like to ask. After doing this over 250+ times, I'm sure we'll find the solution.

60 Minutes

Go ahead and block time on my calendar and I will be all yours for the 60 minutes answering all your questions uninterrupted.

Practical Actionable Takeaways

You will walk out of our call with practical actionable takeaways, so carry a pen, notebook and a glass of water with you.

It has been a pleasure to be mentored by Pratik. He has consistently added value in each discussion, including insightful input to our marketing strategy. Pratik was particularly helpful during the planning of our investor outreach. I would recommend Pratik without hesitation.

– Felix, Founder Bueno Bank

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