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My journey started with working with Airbus and then helping build startups in Amsterdam to 7 figure revenue companies. Today I am Consultant, Speaker and Coach. It's now a mission of mine to help companies and individuals grow to become fulfilled, not just successful.

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I have been blessed to share the frameworks I applied at some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies with startups to help them grow into million dollar revenue generating businesses.

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When I'm not consulting companies, I'm mostly speaking during the day. My speaking sessions are created with the audience at the core, to make sure they take away practical ideas and actionable steps.

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I coached a few University students just as a payback and little did I realise the impact it created on them, and moreover on me. As Tony Robbins once said, success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure. I had experiences success and now with helping others succeed, I experience fulfilment.

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