One-to-one bespoke consulting.

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Case Study: Font Neuve

From Zero Sales to Fully Booked

In 2020, during COVID-19, the entire hospitality industry saw its worst phase. Font Neuve, too saw no bookings. In 3 months, we built the entire online ecosystem and helped take Font Neuve to being fully booked



increase in visits


decrease in CAC


increase in leads

“Pratik saved our season.

I thank him very much for all his help during our last season helping to get our holiday houses fully booked after all the annulations because of covid.  It has been a pleasure working with him”

Wilbert Elferink

Founder, Font Neuve

Systematic Growth

I help you in 4 core areas, to transform your current marketing efforts into organised growth engines, which are in your control

What does working with me look like?

I work with select clients, and it starts with a 3 month contract but usually becomes a 24 month growth partnership.


I keep things between us as transparent as possible. if something cannot be done, I’ll tell you upfront. 


You’re building a business and I’ve been in your shoes. I have tremendous respect for your courage, ambition and perseverance. 


I profit with you, not from you. If we decide to work together, we’re in it together, in all ups and downs. 


I need you to trust me on the work but question everything. It would help you understand the ins and outs of growth.


I believe in serving humanity and helping people. If we’re building something which helps people, we need to think on how we can maximise the impact to under served populations.  

“Pratik added great value. Due to his thoroughness and hard work we were able to execute the correct measures

His communication is clear and consistent, besides he always had the patience to explain and help me understanding what he was doing. It’s a pleasure working with him.

Jet Oesterreicher

Founder, PCP

A completely bespoke experience

bespoke: an adjective used mainly in UK to refer to something that is fully custom-made.

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I’ve partnered with several other companies to bring quick wins and long term sustainable growth to them in both B2C and B2B. 

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163% increase in revenue in a single quarter

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11000+ App Downloads in a single marketing campaign

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Scaled from 0 to 8 digit euro online revenue in a year

"Pratik focused in on tangible, actionable steps to help us reach our goals. Specifically, Pratik's wealth of knowledge in marketing frameworks and strategy has accelerated our growth and helped us plan ahead for the future with clear direction.”

– Erin Houston, CMO Wearwell

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How can we work together?

Is NOT For

Is For

≥ 3 months contract (Average consulting client has a 24 months collaboration)

≥ 10 hours a week (Average client work requires 12 hours a week )