Transforming your degree into a meaningful career.

100+ graduates from Ivy League like Harvard and London School of Economics boosted their career development with a tailored approach, using my one word superpower: Clarity


I Coach Graduates at Top Ranking Universities

From Confusion To Clarity

Valerie, Omar, Sam and Shubham are some of the 100+ graduates who have had coaching sessions with me. We started with identifying where is the confusion exactly in their personal and professional life, thereafter charting a step by step execution plan and fast forward to today, they all are lead a fulfilled career.

"Pratik is impactful and inspiring. He is incredibly generous with his wisdom and time, while also giving tangible pieces of clear advice. Highly recommend!"


Graduate at Harvard University

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My Method

I built this proven framework where the focus moves from inside to outside i.e. from identifying what drives you to then looking at the opportunities as a right fit. 

1. Find your calling.

What is it that makes you, you? What drives you?  Working everyday in a work you love can make the difference between enjoying versus hating work and life.

2. Create your roadmap

Once you identify your calling, the work you would love to do,  then define your version of success for it. This ensures you’re not wasting your time running behind vanity metrics.

3. Execute on your goals

Execution on the plans and the goals is the key to making an impact. I shall share actionable steps, in every part right from networking to resume building. 

I help build the real you, where:

"He not only listened to my situation but also effectively fragmented the problem, while giving his opinion about each. With a whole new perspective gained, I am motivated and confident"

– Mainak, Graduate at IESEG School of Management, France

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