A Brand New Online Workshop to Help You End Your Social Loneliness

How To End Your Social Loneliness and Live a Truly Happy Life

Let Pratik Show You How To Break Free From Your Mental Cages, Tap Into What You Deeply Want And Start Living The Social Life You Were Meant To Live.
This Online Workshop is absolutely FREE and plays in your local time.

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3 Life Questions

Download this PDF of the 3 Life Questions and answer them at the start of the workshop.

30 Minutes

Schedule a maximum of 30 minutes for this workshop and come prepared with the downloads.

Practical Social Shaping Exercise

This webinar includes powerful exercise to remove your inner blockages holding you back.

In This Workshop You’ll Learn:

  • What drives you, so you can be your authentic self and communicate your true self to people.
  • Who are the right people, and who are the wrong people for you, so that you can keep only the right people for you with you.
  • Know where to focus your energy, so that you can improve your social life as effectively as possible.
  • What values are innate to you and only you. Discover them so that you can build your life around them.
  • What does having a strong foundation in life mean and How you can build that for yourself.
  • Why a 'shameless self audit' will be the most crucial thing you do for yourself today.
  • How can you break the pattern of loneliness in your life and what roadmap is best suitable for you.

About Pratik Renuse

Pratik Renuse is a Fortune500 consultant, 3-Time TEDx speaker and a global transformation coach who has years of experience mentoring people across the globe. 

In his recent TEDx talk “The most crucial turning point of your life”, he spoke about his struggle with loneliness while he was building his career as a consultant in Europe. He was fortunate to have mentors guide him to not just get out of the social anxiety but to become a better version of himself. 

He took their teachings, learnt from his own experiences and even travelled all the way to the monks in the Himalayan mountains to learn from them on ancient techniques given by Buddha on mastering the mind. 

Today he is not only socially savvy, who has made some unbelievable friendships out of strangers meeting in a Burger King, but also has helped people come out of social loneliness within weeks.

In this workshop, Pratik will share pure valuable techniques and exercises which had helped him and many of his students implementing the techniques.

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This Workshop is absolutely FREE and plays in your local time.

This is available ONLY for a Limited Time.