In 2015, I ventured out of my comfort zone and moved to Europe to redesign my life. That was the Second Best Decision of My Life .

I worked as a Growth Operator with companies like Airbus in France, Bayer in Germany, and Infento in Netherlands (helped build it from €0 to €10M+ ARR).

Alongside, I worked as a Consultant to over a dozen startups in those years.

Although my professional career was going well, helped build several startups to 7 figures revenue, my personal life was turning a mess. I was close to a burnout, and hadn’t spent quality time with my family for years.

In 2020, I explored meditation and increased my focus towards personal growth. I flew from Barcelona, Spain to Kathmandu, Nepal; to the Himalayas and attended a 10 day Vipassana Meditation course there. To this day, that was The Best Decision of My Life .

Since then, I’ve been a Marketing Career Coach to Ivy league graduates ( Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Oxford, IIM, and others), Growth Mentor and Advisor to CXOs of early stage startups with accelerators such as Techstars in Germany, Seedstars in Switzerland, Newchip in United States and FasterCapital in Dubai (over 100+ founders) and a Keynote Speaker globally (3 TEDx Talks and 50+ speeches).

What can I help You with?

Keynote Speaking

I share growth case studies at conferences and events across US, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

✓ 50+ speeches in 14+ countries

Graduate Coaching

I coach graduates at Ivy League universities such as Harvard on their confusions in marketing career.

✓ 200+ graduates coached in 50+ universities

Growth Consulting

I consult directly CMO, Head or Founders of startups who have raised a seed funding, on their growth.

✓ $32M revenue generated with $7M+ Ad Budget

Startup Mentoring

I mentor founders independently and as part of Techstars, UN and other accelerators

✓ 9.7/10 average rating by 100+ founders mentored

What Am I working on right now?

I’m actively involved in helping build two startups Bueno and VU currently. The rest of the time, I’m mentoring CMOs. I’m also actively creating content here on this site, so bookmark or subscribe to receive daily updates.

I’m dedicating most of my “life” time towards meditation, and family. I like to run small hobby experiments every quarter. Last two quarters, I built an Instagram account to share complex concepts in simple visuals, called Vinnyana.visuals from 0 to 9K+ followers in 5 months completely organically. Currently building a new Twitter account on simplifying growth learning, on Twitter.